March 19, 2018

Difference Between Brother TN450 and Brother TN420?

Broadly, both of these cartridges support the exact same assortment of laser printer models in Brother. Each may be distinguished by using their graded page-yield because the brother TN450 is meant for high-volume printing whereas the TN420 is acceptable for low-volume.

The estimated lifetime return of Brother TN450 is around 2600 pages, that's about its capability in compliance with the ISO/IEC 19752 and centered on 5 percent coverage. The Brother TN420 on the other hand, has a return of 1200 pages.

Both function as replacements for these printers:

DCP Series: 7060D, 7065DN
IntelliFax Series: 2840, 2940
HL Series: 2220, 2230, 2240, 2240D, 2270DW, 2275DW, 2280DW
MFC Series: 7240, 7360N, 7365DN, 7460DN, 7860DW

Their designed and measurement are indistinguishable, since both laser toner cartridges are used interchangeably with some of the printer versions listed above. Therefore, either you decide to outfitted your device with the Brother TN420 toner cartridge, or another person, it will certainly match on the slot. Something which might just disagree is most likely the replacement slot within the machine. Since every series has it possesses unique construct and construction indoors. Therefore, the way of installing a replacement can fluctuate from 1 version to another.

On one note, remanufactured consumables could have a small difference in mass and appearance over the first products. But, compatibility and their dimension remain exactly the same as the counterparts. The benefit of using such products is they're easy to find in local retailers and online and usually cheaper.

Both products may also be returned straight back to Brother for recycling provided it's vacant, obsolete or used. Merely to allow you to know, the maker isn't liable to substitute a product once returned if the event you inadvertently send a cartridge which may nevertheless be used or isn't empty. They won't also accept merchandise other those that they sell.

The gap between both of these replacements is their page-yield that is approximated. This info is almost helpful for offices which rely heavily on printing. Knowing that a high-yield toner may encourage high-volume printing on a regular or low-yield brother toner cartridge, so it saves you money and time from purchasing the improper source for your own printer.

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March 06, 2018

Use Common Sense of Laser Printing Consumables

1. Avoid using or storing in high temperature, high humidity and high cold environment, avoiding long exposure to bright light;

2. Do not open the black packaging bag when not in use, and do not open the light-sensitive drum cover on the toner cartridge so as to prevent the drum core from being damaged or damaged by strong light;

3. Do not touch the drum core or drum core with your hand at will. When the drum core turns, it should pay attention to the direction. If the rotation direction is not correct, it will damage the parts and cause the leakage of powder or printing smudges.

4. Do not tear the seal before use, otherwise the toner will be easily affected by the moisture, resulting in a printing color;

5. When replacing the toner cartridge such as brother dr630, it is better to use vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to clean the residual toner or paper cuttings in the printer.

6. The handle should be shaken 4-5 times in horizontal direction before the cartridge is newly installed, so that the toner is loose and evenly distributed, then the sealing strip will be pulled out, which will help to print the color evenly.

7. When choosing to print the paper, do not use wrinkles, uneven or thick, hard and other printing media, otherwise it will affect the printing quality and shorten the life of the light-sensitive drum;

In order to ensure the normal work of the toner cartridge you purchased, we provide the following Suggestions for your reference:

A laser printer, like a computer, is best placed in an air-conditioned environment to obtain the best print effect and reduce the failure rate.

Please place the toner cartridge in the appropriate laser printer in the correct direction.

Do not open the toner mask and touch the surface. Do not turn the light-sensitive drum.

Toner cartridge such as printer consumables- brother HL-L2350DW toner: in addition to casing damage, it is usually in the process of transportation or because of some customers during the use of the toner cartridge. The solution is simple, which you just turn the drum core in a few circles.

Horizontal black lines appear in the printed document: usually the magnetic stick in the toner cartridge is filled with powder, which can be followed by a few turns.
If there is an obvious bottom ash on a print file: usually a drum core or a carbon powder problem.

In addition to the above questions, you can usually think of a printer problem. In daily use and maintenance, we should reasonably shorten the use time of the toner cartridge and pollute the machine.

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December 22, 2017

How do I Change the DR730 Unit?

Brother DR730 Drum unit rated life in 12000 or so commonly, after use for a long time, when you find that there are serious of contributions for the output image pale, black stripes, a maintenance repair even if you are of no help, selenium drum life truly comes to an end, and it needs to be replaced. It is not difficult to change the toner, saying that it is easy but also not to the effect. There is a bit of learning in it, and the following is a simple introduction to the drum powder separated drum.

First close the printer power and remove the DR730, then the metal pin on one side of the clamp with forceps, carefully drawn outward force (or the pin nails, directly to the out again after open the drums), in general, this time we can find drum unit can be divided into two parts, the parts with magnetic roller is for powder, and photosensitive selenium is collect part of waste powder.

In the process of replacement, if carbon powder is left on the outside of the printer, it is better to vacuum and clean it with pure alcohol. In addition, the whole replacement process is best done in darker studios to prevent exposure to sensitive drums. In addition, usually drum unit is valid for two and a half years when not opened, but once opened the period of validity is 6 months, the user should pay attention to use in the period of validity, to ensure the quality of printing.

While maintaining and replacing the toner cartridges, there are some areas that need to be reminded again:
1. Clean the dr730 should not be used too often, and they are forbidden to be scrubbed with ordinary paper during cleaning.
2. During the above maintenance and replacement process, it is strictly forbidden to touch the surface of the sensitive drum with the hand, while preventing the collision of hard objects.
3, try not to let the brother drum unit is exposed to sunlight or strong light source directly, don't open the barn door on the drum unit, if the time more than ten minutes of continuous exposure to strong light, high photosensitive drum is discarded.
4, to avoid the high humidity, high temperature, cold environment, use and preservation of toner low carbon powder once will be affected with damp be affected with damp agglomerate, affect print effect or cause print color shallow, also in the drum unit from low to high temperature environment, the best is put on hold for a period of time to use.
6,There is an imaging device in the brother toner cartridges, which is the cover of magnetic roller particles, so make sure your drum unit away from the magnetic material such as displays, hard disk, speakers, avoid the phenomenon of magnetization, thus affecting printing quality.

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September 28, 2017

Fast and Efficient, Easy to Work ----For SOHO group

When it comes to SOHO, the first words that comes to most people’ mind is: fashion, efficient, home office and so on. As we all know, SOHO is no longer a new group, although they don't need to work in an office, but it doesn’t affect their efficient office work at all. And the next, I want to recommend this laser printer product for you. I think it office efficiency for office working. If you are a member of SOHO and want to plan to a laser printer recently, you can use this passage as a reference.

The product I want to recommend to you is BROTHER HL-2240DD. As we all know, the brother brand is also an outstanding brand of printer industry, I believe that many office users which familiar with the office areas will know the brand, especially in the printer circles, brother products are covered in the high-end to low-end fields, and it has a very large user groups. Today I want to introduce this black and white laser printer Brother2240D printer for you, which is a low-end entry-level user but is a durable model.

For the print consumable, Brother 2240D black-and—white laser printer are using drum powder separation design approach, the type of toner cartridge is tn420 toner and dr420 drum unit. The capacity is respectively about 2600 and 12000, a user can choose according to their own print habit. Remember, this drum powder separation design approach can cost very low in the later use or maintenance.

The Brother 2240D black printer is different from the other models printers. The whole machine body, besides the feed unit is gray, the rest are all black. While the machine low-key calm style makes them a business atmosphere, which is very suitable for the majority of the company’s office environment. The fuselage of the machine has a streamlined round corner design, which makes the overall effect of this machine become more dynamic. Also it has a 2400x 600 dpi print resolution and the printing speed up to 24PPM, which makes it can very quickly to provide users with high-quality and exquisite printouts. The machine also supports automatic double-sided printing, which brings great convenience to users. It is worth mentioning that the brothers 2240D carrying a clocked 200 MHz processor and 8M body memory, which allows the machine can in some quantity larger print environment can easily keep normal work.

Brother brand can be said to be very cost-effective in most printers and brother laser toner cartridges. When you use it in a long term, you will find it’ not only has an outstanding appearance, also in the print performance does not be impertinent. High printing solution and fast print speed makes the machine has become a popular model of the office, especially the machine is cheap enough for SOHO group to afford a one.

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