September 28, 2017

Fast and Efficient, Easy to Work ----For SOHO group

When it comes to SOHO, the first words that comes to most people’ mind is: fashion, efficient, home office and so on. As we all know, SOHO is no longer a new group, although they don't need to work in an office, but it doesn’t affect their efficient office work at all. And the next, I want to recommend this laser printer product for you. I think it office efficiency for office working. If you are a member of SOHO and want to plan to a laser printer recently, you can use this passage as a reference.

The product I want to recommend to you is BROTHER HL-2240DD. As we all know, the brother brand is also an outstanding brand of printer industry, I believe that many office users which familiar with the office areas will know the brand, especially in the printer circles, brother products are covered in the high-end to low-end fields, and it has a very large user groups. Today I want to introduce this black and white laser printer Brother2240D printer for you, which is a low-end entry-level user but is a durable model.

For the print consumable, Brother 2240D black-and—white laser printer are using drum powder separation design approach, the type of toner cartridge is tn420 toner and dr420 drum unit. The capacity is respectively about 2600 and 12000, a user can choose according to their own print habit. Remember, this drum powder separation design approach can cost very low in the later use or maintenance.

The Brother 2240D black printer is different from the other models printers. The whole machine body, besides the feed unit is gray, the rest are all black. While the machine low-key calm style makes them a business atmosphere, which is very suitable for the majority of the company’s office environment. The fuselage of the machine has a streamlined round corner design, which makes the overall effect of this machine become more dynamic. Also it has a 2400x 600 dpi print resolution and the printing speed up to 24PPM, which makes it can very quickly to provide users with high-quality and exquisite printouts. The machine also supports automatic double-sided printing, which brings great convenience to users. It is worth mentioning that the brothers 2240D carrying a clocked 200 MHz processor and 8M body memory, which allows the machine can in some quantity larger print environment can easily keep normal work.

Brother brand can be said to be very cost-effective in most printers and brother laser toner cartridges. When you use it in a long term, you will find it’ not only has an outstanding appearance, also in the print performance does not be impertinent. High printing solution and fast print speed makes the machine has become a popular model of the office, especially the machine is cheap enough for SOHO group to afford a one.

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